Saturday, October 28, 2017

Why is a Spy called a Mole

Lorraine Strieby is out of the office again. Yesterday her graphic artist uploaded Strieby's new book, Why is a Spy Called a Mole. For the longest time she has been doing research in the history books with all the jargon the historians use and then she wrote her fifth book featuring George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and others--who could they be? This new book is on Kindle and Amazon. My name is Mayor Molly McMole and I blog for Lorraine Strieby So you love George Washington? Do you wish to be the smartest person in the room when it comes to the American Revolution? Then you need this book. This is a book for all ages and it is also about my ancestor, Master Spy Christopher McMole. Can you answer these questions? Are you Absolutely sure? What happened to Benedict Arnold? Who was Nelson? Where is the Monongahela River? Who was Mr. Billy Lee? What was the Vulture? Where was Commander George Washington, Lt. Colonel Alexander Hamilton, Mr. Billy Lee, Nelson, and Madam Moose going when they were suppose to be captured? Who was Commander Cornwallis? Who was sent to Paris to get 24 war ships that helped win the war at Yorktown? Who was John Andre/John Anderson? Strieby answers all these questions in her new book. It is whimsey based on fact. You can now buy it hard cover on Amazon. Oops I hear her coming. Got to go, Mayor Molly McMole and welcome to my world. MMM


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