Saturday, November 16, 2019

wannaBtruckers Board Game

Interstate 40 and Route 66 inspired me to create this boardgame. Why not create a game that gets the whole family involved? The directions are on the side of the box. Easy to order from Amazon and shipped to you from Battle Creek, Michigan. Lorraine Strieby also write the Children's book series, the Adventures of Mayor Molly McMole, also sold on Amazon. Traveling with your kids will be fun and educational at the same time. #trucks #boardgames #travelboardgames #lorrainestrieby #USAmap #madeintheUSA

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

t: Tony Hillerman and the Little Colorado After reading one of my favorite authors, Tony Hillerman’s Skeleton Man, it stirred up a very unique memory of mine. Why do I emphasize Interstate 40 in my game WannaBtruckers? Well. there are many reason besides my love for 18 wheelers. I shall begin with this: It is approximately close to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and the confluence of the Colorado and the Little Colorado Rivers. You will use I40, but other roads, hiking, and rafting will have to be used too, including the Hopi Salt Trail, owned by the Navajo Nation Ever since my first rafting trip in 1976, this confluence has been in my mind. The first time my family rafted down the Colorado, we wanted my father-in-law. Dr. Maurice Strieby, to go with us. He was born in Colorado and became an inventor for Bell Labs. He was famous for his inventions but was very humble and would be embarrassed that I even mentioned this. To make this short, Hillerman’s book SKELETON MAN centers around the Hopi Salt Trail down to the Little Colorado. I can’t do the site justice, but it is breath taking, a turquoise blue with many layered pools and waterfalls that no architect could ever duplicate. If you can, take the trip. We did it by rafting. This scene inspired me to do a whole series of Southwest Art—and was in the Governor Bent’s Gallery in Taos. Ironic because Gov Bent was a mountain man from Charleston, West Virginia and I am from Morgantown.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trucker Admiration

Today I was in my red sport SUV stopped by a trucker that was stopping traffic in both ways backing into a tiny driveway to a small business avoiding parked cars in the extremely small parking lot. Certainly some drivers were impatient so they could get to work, shop, go to breakfast.but could these drivers back a huge 18 wheeler in these conditions? Even though I am an author, illustrator of children's books, I paid homage to this trucker who guided that truck right up to the loading dock with ease and finesse. That company was in good hands. For me, I just admired his skill.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

wannaBtruckwes Travel Game, Fun, Educational, Each child in family should have one Lorraine Strieby

This is a game that is for all ages. If your kids are having a spat in the car, give them this game. Works better if each child has their own board and pawns. It teaches counting, famous landmarks. interstates, colors, transportation. For the summer vacation, a perfect gift. MADE IN USA AND SHIPPED FROM BATTLE CREEK, MI. Created by author of children books, The Adventure of Molly McMole, Lorraine Strieby

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Why is a Spy called a Mole

Lorraine Strieby is out of the office again. Yesterday her graphic artist uploaded Strieby's new book, Why is a Spy Called a Mole. For the longest time she has been doing research in the history books with all the jargon the historians use and then she wrote her fifth book featuring George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and others--who could they be? This new book is on Kindle and Amazon. My name is Mayor Molly McMole and I blog for Lorraine Strieby So you love George Washington? Do you wish to be the smartest person in the room when it comes to the American Revolution? Then you need this book. This is a book for all ages and it is also about my ancestor, Master Spy Christopher McMole. Can you answer these questions? Are you Absolutely sure? What happened to Benedict Arnold? Who was Nelson? Where is the Monongahela River? Who was Mr. Billy Lee? What was the Vulture? Where was Commander George Washington, Lt. Colonel Alexander Hamilton, Mr. Billy Lee, Nelson, and Madam Moose going when they were suppose to be captured? Who was Commander Cornwallis? Who was sent to Paris to get 24 war ships that helped win the war at Yorktown? Who was John Andre/John Anderson? Strieby answers all these questions in her new book. It is whimsey based on fact. You can now buy it hard cover on Amazon. Oops I hear her coming. Got to go, Mayor Molly McMole and welcome to my world. MMM

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Travel Game WannaBtruckers by Lorraine Strieby, Author and Illustrator of the Mayor Molly McMole Children's Books Series

Simple directions for wannaBtruckers Board travel game for children 1. When you order this travel game from Amazon. the directions are on the bottom side of the box, so you will never lose them. 2. It is suggested that each child has their own board. You and your child will learn about America at the same time. It is fun and educational. Thie game is completely MADE IN AMERICA. I also have a fun and educational children's book series, The Adventures of Molly McMole, sold on Amazon/Kindle. There are 4 books for children 3 to 18 years old. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Owls by Lorraine Strieby Sometimes you just get inspired, and if you have artistic talent it is a no brainer--just do a sketch, see if it works, and then paint it! One of my paintings, “Owls,” just received another award in Los Angeles, at the Chatsworth Train Depot. Many people will see it because it will be in the Depot for about a month. In this painting you have to look twice for the second owl and they are in a tree in Hawaii overlooking a couple of sea turtles swimming in the South Pacific having a good time You just have to smile and think of Hawaiii when you see this painting. As an artist it is fun to just paint what appeals to you and do not think of an award you might receive-- just embrace your talent and the viewer just might get it. I am greateful for being able to see beauty where others might overlook. You can see this painting on Facebook and a print of it will show up at the Louvre in Paris June 12 - 14. Go to my facebook page to see photo