Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa's Sled: A Red Big Rig with All the Trimmngs

Instead of a sled, Santa should get himself one of those red, flashy big rigs with condo accommodations in the cab. He could bring Mrs. Claus and really enjoy the ride with electric seat warmers and two 64 ounce thermos mugs and there would be plenty of room for a couple of elves in the back, too.

I would suggest one of those bright red Coca Cola rigs. Even a UPS truck would do as long as it had one of those fancy grills like a Peterbilt, Mac, or a Freightliner. He would, of course, need lots of bells and whistles--I mean like fancy rows of lights on the cab and the trailer, and plenty of shiny chrome that would glisten in the glow of the lights.

He couldn’t park it on the roof, of course, but he could park it on the street and light up the neighborhood with his holiday gear, and he could store his ladder on the side of the truck with a few fancy hooks so if he still wanted to go down the chimney, he could.

Since he couldn’t fly through the air, he would have to go global, and hire some drivers in all parts of the world, and that sure would help the worldwide economy in a number of ways. The animal protection people should be OK with this, since Christmas Eve has always been hard on the reindeer anyway, poor Rudolph.

What do you think?

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