Sunday, May 24, 2015


Owls by Lorraine Strieby Sometimes you just get inspired, and if you have artistic talent it is a no brainer--just do a sketch, see if it works, and then paint it! One of my paintings, “Owls,” just received another award in Los Angeles, at the Chatsworth Train Depot. Many people will see it because it will be in the Depot for about a month. In this painting you have to look twice for the second owl and they are in a tree in Hawaii overlooking a couple of sea turtles swimming in the South Pacific having a good time You just have to smile and think of Hawaiii when you see this painting. As an artist it is fun to just paint what appeals to you and do not think of an award you might receive-- just embrace your talent and the viewer just might get it. I am greateful for being able to see beauty where others might overlook. You can see this painting on Facebook and a print of it will show up at the Louvre in Paris June 12 - 14. Go to my facebook page to see photo