Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Thoughts Today, August 23, 2013

Thanks to all you facebook friends about my board game facebook “likes”and remember it is easy to buy on Amazon and if you have more than a few players, two game boards might be more fun. For my birthday I am hinting to my family for a look-alike Optimus Prime 18 wheeler to pick me up at my door and drive me to my birthday party probably in Ventura. The driver of course will be invited for the festivities. My grandson says he found a truck on line that has seating for eight. Remember I broadcasted on from NY about West Virginia sponsoring a float in the Rose Parade. If you can, call Governor Tomblin’s office and request that WV tries to get approval from the Tournament of Roses Committee and puts up the money to promote the State’s tourism. Governor Tomblin’s number is 304.558.3588. My sketch of the float is entitled “Wild and Wonderful”. Did you know that West Virginia has 17 covered bridges?