Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lorraine Strieby My team WVU is in the final four so I'm thrilled since the last time we got that far was in 1959 when Jerry West was on the team. My husband, Stan, graduated from Michigan State so we are looking forward to Saturday's games. Yeah Mountaineers & Spartans!! We're proud of you.

When you are on an interstate and see a long-hauler, do you wonder where did this big-rig come from--what port of entry or big manufacturing company is sending this shipment? What section of the US is sending its goods to another site so that a store could sell these items to the customer? Our country is dependent on these drivers and their 18-wheelers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lot's of Road Time For You & Your Family?

The Wanna B Truckers Board game is perfect to pass that long traveling time away. Inerstates 5. 210, and 605 (in Los Angeles) you will always see so many long haulers. So why not participate in a fun and educational board game with the whole family?

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