Sunday, December 1, 2013

Buy Truckers Tales by Ted Campbell Along with WannaBtruckers Boardgame and have FUN

Here is a suggestion for the Christmas gift for your kids and for you. If you are a parent or a grandparent and you are traveling on one of the great Interstates and you are tired of them clicking away on their electronic games and you would like them to talk to you and to get interested in their surroundings and the USA, then you should get the WannaBtruckers board game along with a book that you should read before the trip. I highly recommend a book that you can download from Amazon called Trucker Tales written by Ted Campbell who has 50 years of trucking. It is hilarious and educational and you will learn trucking from the Flathead Ford to the Long Nose Pete,” Read the book before the trip and you will enjoy your trip even more. You can buy WannaBtruckers (2 for l) because I believe every child should have his/her own map to learn as they travel with you and think of the conversations you will have--AND THE GAME IS NOT ELECTRONIC. Believe me you will look at those overnighters with a brand new prospective after reading Campbell's book. You can buy both at Amazon. WannaBtruckers can be found in Toys and Games. Have Fun!!!