Friday, January 7, 2011

Morgantown High School Band/Los Angeles All City High School Band

As I said in my previous blog, my favorite band in the Rose Bowl
Parade is the Los Angeles All City High School Band. So I thought
why do I always think that even though there are some other
spectacular bands every year for us to see? I came up with--
this red, white, and blue marching band is always snappy, cool,
talented, right on key with all good musicians. And, it reminds me
of the Morgantown High School Band,

I have seen the Morgantown Band recently on U-Tube and it didn’t
disappoint me one bit. When I was a member, I had the elitist belief
that people came to the football game to see the band--not football.

I am now an avid football fan (watch every WVU game on ESPN and
ABC), but I love bands,too. Since I live in Los Angeles, it would
blow me away and also the other spectators if Morgantown High
School Band could come out here for the Rose Bowl Parade--
the Grandaddy of them all.